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Butcher Investers LLC. has provided expert services maintaining a commitment to enhance consumers to become homeowners and strive toward better management skills. Our firm offers a board range of homebuyers and homeownership programs and seminars.


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Butcher Investers LLC.

is delegated to serving individuals within local and   national  communities. We are devoted to empowering those we serve to achieve their goals and visions. In doing so, we guarantee commitment, consistency, and exceptional communication. commitment, consistency, and exceptional communication skills.

Personal Credit Diary

  • Understanding your credit score
  • How is my credit score calculated?
  • What is the range of FICO Scores?
  • How often does my score change?

Availble May 20th 2011

The new Paberback

By Ms. Ella Butcher, availble at

Barnes & Nobles, Amazon.com, Bookwire.com For more information please feel free to contact Ms. Butcher

Email : butcherinvest@aol.com